Hoppa till huvudinnehåll

4. After Your Mission


Bildspel i fullskärm

When you get home, you share your views of the experiences with your recruiters. You will also meet with a psychologist in order to talk through and process your experiences.

Working in the field for MSF is more than a job. Hopefully the commitment will not end when you finished the project! Once at home, you can participate in a variety of relevant activities and be part of an active association.

The Swedish section of MSF is structured as a non-profit organization that aims to increase knowledge and awareness in Sweden about important humanitarian issues through information and advocacy at home. You can join the association after 6 months of field work or two shorter missions.

After your first mission, you have knowledge and experience that is very valuable in the field and we would like you to go out again. With experience, you can also get coordination posts with greater responsibility, something that is important for us in order to maintain the quality help we can offer people in need.

Read more about the professionals we recruit, what tasks exist and what we require of different professional groups.

Please contact one of our satellite teams when you arrive home. Satellite groups aim to be a forum for interested fieldworkers who want to take part in MSF activities. Among other things, these are debates, activities and other information sessions around the country. Learn more about satellite groups by contacting Ana Chaurio.