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Are you committed, sensible and like to work with other people? Then we need you. Here is information on what it is like to work in MSF's humanitarian activities, the professional profiles that we recruit and how to apply.

Personaladministratörerna arbetar ofta med löner, kontrakt, rekrytering och bokföring i något av våra projekt.


As an administrator, you typically work in one of our projects. Duties can include, among other things, personnel accounting, recruitment, leadership and coaching.

Vårt läkarteam jobbar i Filippinerna efter tyfonen Hayian.


Anaesthetists are often needed on short notice and for shorter periods – one to three months, and the work usually involves general surgery.

Projektkoordinator Caroline Scholtes pratar med en annan medlem i vårt team i Gumuruk, Sydsudan.


Coordinator positions are available at various levels. The work involves the coordination of medical or logistical activities, both for individual projects and for actions at the national level. 

A group of asylum seekers from Eritrea are stuck on the Serbian border.

Cultural Mediator

The culturar mediators is the link between MSF and the communities and beneficiaries of our projects across Europe and on the Mediterranean sea. 

Vår norska ekonom Lindis Hurum på kontoret i Haiti.

Financial Controller

Duties as a financial controller include management, financial, human resources and administration, among other things.

Ett nyfött barn i Aweil, Sydsudan.


As a gynecologist/obstetrician in one of our projects, you work very independently with obstetric care and tuition.

Vår labbtekniker Joseph Ngasain på Niangara-sjukhuset i Kongo-Kinshasa.

Lab Technician/Scientist

As a laboratory technician in the field, your responsibility is to organize all laboratory activity in a medical project. You also train local personnel.

Vårt logistiska team i Boguila, Kongo-Kinshasa.

Logistician (Supply Chain)

You will work with the supply of field work with everything in the logistics chain; we are looking for those with prior coordinating experience; problem solvers that can make things happen - fast!

Logistiker reser ett tält efter översvämningar i Moçambique.

Logistician (technical)

As a logistician, you are often project-rounder; you do not need to have a specific background, the skills required are more the ability to solve problems and get things done.

En av våra läkare undersöker en flicka i Bihar, Indien.

Medical Doctor

Working as a doctor in the field includes a great deal of planning, implementation and evaluation of medical programs, and tutoring.

Our midwives taking care of a woman in Boost, Afghanistan.


Our midwives often have a leading role in the daily cooperation with the health authorities and local midwives.

Jessica, MSF training nurse with a young child in the intensive care unit.


Being a nurse with MSF is demanding and rewarding. From basic healthcare to helping set up health posts, nurses are vital to our work.