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Nurse anaesthetist


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Narkossjuksköterskan Jacques MeuMeu förbereder en spinal på Niangara-sjukhuset i Kongo-Kinshasa.

Our anaesthetists nurse, Jacques MeuMeu, is preparing a spinal in the Niangara hospital in DRC. 

Surgical teams are needed in vulnerable situations such as armed conflicts or in isolated areas, where medical staff are not available. They are often needed on short notice and for short periods - one to three months.

For certain surgical projects, you can go as an anaesthetists nurse, provided that you have many years of experience in all types of anaesthetics, can administer spinal blocks and be completely independent operating without an anaesthetist on site. Currently, it is primarily to projects in French-speaking countries that we can send anesthetic nurses. In some cases, a mission can involve training local personnel.


  • Supplementary training and many years of experience as a nurse anesthetist.
  • Ability to work with limited technical resources.
  • Ability to handle all anesthetic assessment and anesthesia independently.
  • Available on short notice.
  • French


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