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Ett kirurgiskt team genomför en operation på ett sjukhus i Syrien.

Surgery in a Syrian hospital.

Surgical teams are needed in vulnerable situations such as armed conflicts or in isolated areas, where medical staff are not available.

They are often needed on short notice and for short periods of time such as one to three months. The work consists primarily of general surgery. In some cases, the mission also involves training local personnel and performing surgical evaluations.


  • Specialist in a relevant area
  • Ability to work with limited technical resources
  • Available on short notice
  • Ability to perform general surgery including Paediatrics and Caesarean sections. Some experience in A&E and orthopaedics is desirable
  • Current or recent practical experience
  • Experience in managing, supervising and training others
  • Able  to work well as a part of a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team
  • Willing to work in unstable areas and ability to cope in a difficult and unpredictable environment
  • Availability for a minimum period of four to six weeks
  • Minimum of three months’ work, volunteering or travelling experience in low income countries

Please read the basic requirements for all roles. 


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Your safety and security 

We take safety and security seriously. This video explains the risks our staff face and the lengths we go to keep them safe.

Please watch this before you decide whether or not to apply for this job.

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