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Water and Sanitation Expert

Ett vatten- och sanitetsteam i arbete på vårt ebolacenter i Kailahun, Sierra Leone.
Foto: MSF

We continuously recruit water and sanitation experts for our projects around the world. Water and sanitation play a key role in our projects; water is the source of life but can also spread disease and death. Your goal is to prevent and control water-borne diseases both within and outside of the medical facilities we support.

Duties can range from ensuring basic water /sanitation standards at our clinics to building water supply systems for the refugee camps. Your job involves maintaining a reliable water supply, building or upgrading sanitation and arranging proper management of medical waste. You will work closely with other members of the project (medical and non-medical personnel). The work also entails training and supervising local personnel.

REQUIREMENTS water and sanitation experts

  • At least two years of relevant work experience
  • Relevant university degree
  • Experience of traveling in low income countries
  • Available for 12 months
  • Good knowledge of English

MSF is currently looking for water and sanitation specialists with good French skills. If you speak French to a level where you can be placed in a French speaking mission such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Chad or Central African Republic, you are much more likely to be recruited. Arabic skills are also in demand.

Please read the basic requirements for all roles. 


  • Experience working abroad with other humanitarian organizations
  • Experience in supervision and training
  • Knowledge of French, Arabic or Spanish


To read first-hand stories from water and sanitation experts working overseas for MSF, visit our blog.

Your safety and security 

We take safety and security seriously. This video explains the risks our staff face and the lengths we go to keep them safe.

Please watch this before you decide whether or not to apply for this job.


Working for MSF is a commitment, rather than just an adventure or a job opportunity. Make sure you have read and understood the information on Life in the field

We can only accept applications from Swedish and Finnish residents (Swedish/Finnish citizens and those eligible to work in Sweden or Finland).

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