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Vår farmaceut Nour S. Barakat på apoteket på kliniken för syriska flyktingar i Jordanien.

Our pharmacist Nour S. Barakat at the clinic pharmacy for syrian refugees in Jordan. 

As an MSF pharmacist, your responsibility is to manage all drugs, medical supplies and equipment. You organize and manage orders, storage and distribution, as well as supervising and training colleagues.

Work can be at the project level or as part of a management team in a major city. You are always part of a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team, working with medical and non-medical personnel.


  • Two years professional experience, preferably in a hospital phamacy.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize your work. Be innovative and take initiative.
  • Stress-tolerant
  • Good knowledge of English.
  • Experience with traveling/living in low-income countries.


  • Experience in supervision and guidance
  • Experience working with other international humanitarian organizations
  • French language

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