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Technical logistician

En man mekar med en bilmotor samtidigt som han pratar med två skrattande kollegor.
Photo: Yann Libessart
Our logisticians are a big part of running hands-on aspects of a project.

As a technical logistician you are the problem solver of the project. You play an important role when it comes to creating the practical conditions for our work in a crisis or an emergency situation. 

The technical logistician is responsible for everything linked to the practical arrangements and management of the project and will provide support where needed.

Role description

As a technical logistician your tasks and responsibilities will be extremely varied – from the daily technical management to specific technical needs. The tasks can include repair and maintenance of equipment such as generator and facilities, contact and communication with local authorities and other organisations, responsibility for IT and telecom equipment, and transport of goods and personnel.

The role includes people management for a multicultural and multidisciplinary team such as drivers, mechanics, craft workers etc.

Experienced technical logisticians usually bear some responsibility of practical implementation of mitigations measure for safety and security , as well as reporting on the same. The role therefore requires good communication skills and the ability to work independently.

Technical logisticians usually work in one of our projects in the country. With increasing experience, you may also work as a part of the management team in a major city. 

Based on needs, the role as a technical logistician can have a more specific focus and therefore additional requirements. 

Construction specialist

As a construction specialist you manage and oversee the construction- and rehabilitation projects needed to meet our medical objectives. You might also be asked to negotiate contracts, conditions, and necessary permits. You have continued contact with local authorities and oversee the planning, construction and handover of the structure. The duties may include both hands-on practical work and activity management.

For this role you need to be an architect, civil engineer, construction engineer, certified carpenter, welder, plumber or mason.

Energy specialist

As an energy specialist you plan and implement the installation of new electrical setups and/or rehabilitation of existing ones. You might also be asked to negotiate contracts, and conditions. You have continued contact with local authorities and oversee the project from planning to implementation and finalisation. The duties may include both hands-on practical work and activity management.

For this role you need to be a certified electrician or electrical engineer.

Working with MSF | Logistician

Role requirements

In addition to the general requirements to work for MSF, you need:

  • At least two years of relevant professional experience from fields such as repair and maintenance of vehicles , IT, construction, maintenance of water and sanitation systems or telecommunication (HF/VHF radios and satellite phones).
  • For construction and energy specialist, you will need a relevant academic degree or certificate. 

Desirable qualifications

  • French speaking
  • Knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and/or Russian
  • Experience of people management and/or activity management
  • Experience of providing training and/or coaching others
  • Previous humanitarian work experience

Your safety and security 

We take safety and security seriously. This video explains the risks our staff face and the lengths we go to keep them safe.

Please watch this before you decide whether or not to apply for this job.

Ready to apply?

Working for MSF is a commitment, rather than just an adventure or a job opportunity. Make sure you have read and understood the information on Life on assignment

We can only accept applications from Swedish and Finnish residents (Swedish/Finnish citizens and those eligible to work in Sweden or Finland).