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As a midwife, your work is with establishing clinics for pregnant women and guiding the work in maternity wards. One of the aims of our mission in this field is to establish good prenatal care so that complications can be discovered and treated.

Our midwives often take a leading role in the joint efforts with health authorities and local midwives.

Training and supervision of local staff represent a large portion of the work. Our missions often include vaccination of young children, information on hygiene, prevention of sexually transmitted disease and work with contraception. As a midwife, you can also expect a lot of clinical work.

Many of our projects are geared towards a population with HIV/AIDS. As a midwife, you often work with the problems concerning pregnant women and this disease. That means, among other things, informing/explaining, counseling and care of mother and child during childbirth.

In some cultures, the topics of sexually transmitted diseases and contraception are sensitive or taboo. Therefore, openess and diplomacy are important assets for handling work on these issues.


  • Midwife credentials
  • 2 years professional experience as a midwife, chiefly with delivery.
  • Course Health Assistance in Humanitarian Crisis (provided by MSF for those who are recruited as fieldworkers) 

Please read the basic requirements for fieldworkers.


To read first-hand stories from midwifes working overseas for MSF, visit our blog.


We take safety and security seriously. This video explains the risks our staff face and the lengths we go to keep them safe.

Please watch this before you decide whether or not to apply for this job.


Working for MSF is a commitment, rather than just an adventure or a job opportunity. Make sure you have read and understood the information on Life in the field

We can only accept applications from Swedish and Finnish residents (Swedish/Finnish citizens and those eligible to work in Sweden or Finland).

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